Fall to Earth

“Potent, devastating and unsentimental, with an abundance of meaty exchanges for strong actors like the excellent ones here. It’s the kind of stuff that leaves you wiping your eyes and longing to go home and hug your loved ones. The Fall to Earth makes you feel its impact.”

Time Out New York
4 stars and Cirtic’s Pick

The strength of this production is the ensemble cast. All 3 women give honest, gritty performances, and it is the power of their relationship, their ease on stage, and ability to play off each other, that carries the play and keeps it compelling.


This is not a conventional mother/daughter drama, but for those who are prepared for an evening of gut-wrenching theater that tackles some heavy issues, The Fall to Earth takes an engrossing look at the unraveling of one family.

Show Business Weekly

“The tireless Ms. Hedwall dives into her character with relish. Directed with a keen ear by Joe Brancato.”

The New York Times

Navy Pier

“There’s none of the stop-start rhythm of a classic series of monologues here. Instead, as betrayal is layered onto betrayal, the 90-minute one-act blazes along, and by the climax is paced like a thriller, with simultaneous action taking place in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Compelling throughout, by the end Navy Pier barrels toward its conclusion, sweeping the audience along in its wake.”

Laughing at the Pieces

“InProximity’s current production of Navy Pier sparks with more than enough energy to keep the audience listening to every line. Furthermore, the play’s delicate balance is kept in place by the four performers, each bringing a character to life without overshadowing the rest of the cast. With its focus on strong writing and great acting, Navy Pier is really a character piece, successfully developing and exploring what makes each unique person tick. Navy Pier is like a swatch of the fabric of humanity, and what a complex and contradictory pattern it is!”


Sight Unseen

“InProximity Theater Company’s Sight Unseen by Donald Margulies is that rare occurrence where it bats a thousand in all departments: play, acting, directing, design (James J. Fenton), lighting (Lisa Soverino) and costumes (Court Watson). Everything is beautifully done.It’s directed by a master composer of movement, action and emotion, Dorothy Lyman, with not a false note in the acting. The cast is superb — totally immersed in his or her character. If you want to see theater at its best, catch it.”


Maiden’s Prayer

“The Maiden’s Prayer is an involving—at times, gripping—drama. It doesn’t fail to entertain.”


“Everything that InProximity Theatre Company brought to this production kicked some serious ass. The actors were great. The direction was right on point. The set design by James J. Fenton is quite possibly the best set that I ever seen in an off-off-Broadway production. If you are looking for some really great performances and extraordinary production values go see The Maiden’s Prayer. I’m very excited about the caliber of work that this young theatre company is producing and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table next.”


Orange Flower Water

“InProximity Theatre Company’s production of this tense infidelity drama keeps the audience close to the action. Sometimes too close for comfort.  It’s intimate and uncomfortable, and a sharp debut for this emerging theater company.”


“The four person cast attacks these characters with fervor and empathy, exposing their humanity despite a tricky, immoral situation. The story resonates strongly in the four actors. Orange Flower Water is a great play that delves into intense relationships that feel all too real and InProximity does the script justice with this production. I respect that their first show is a ballsy one and I look forward to subsequent offerings.”